Safe Internet Use

10 Internet Safety Tips For Safe Internet Use

10 Internet Safety Tips for Safe Internet Use

Don’t be like this guy! Practice 10 safety tips for safe internet use. And keep your mouth closed.

Safe Internet Use Tip #1 – Define Safe Internet Use

As people begin to live more and more of their lives on the internet, safe internet use is becoming an increasingly important issue. However, internet safety is a broad topic. Safe internet use includes what you do on the internet, who you interact with on the internet, where you go on the internet, and what software you use and download.

What does safe internet use mean to you? Do you always practice it?

Safe Internet Use Tip #2 – Realize The Scope of the Problem

At the same time, if you’re reading this on the internet, you’re probably aware that the internet is not THAT dangerous. By following some simple internet safety tips and using common sense, you can learn how to protect yourself, your family, and your finances.

Safe Internet Use Tip #3 – Understand Why Safe Internet Use Is Important

Internet safety is important for you and your family. I don’t think it’s anything you need to be paranoid about though, because the internet is probably much safer than the real world. At the same time, if you don’t follow these tips for internet safety, you are putting yourself, your family, and your finances in danger.

Safe Internet Use Tip #4 – Learn About Common Internet Crimes

In its most extreme forms poor internet use exposes you to the risks of cyber-stalking, identity theft, fraud/financial crimes, and even murder. This danger includes having bank accounts wiped out, children abducted, murder, and rape. But you’re not alone out there. The FBI is fighting cyber crime. So are many other governmental and private organizations.

Safe Internet Use Tip #5 – Get Inspired To Protect Yourself From Finding Out About These Crazy Internet Crimes

Internet crimes cover a wide variety of issues. And some of them are truly, truly crazy. Wikipedia maintains a rather lengthy list of the most notable internet crimes here. We’ve all gotten emails from Nigerian princes, and who can forget the Craigslist Killer…

…but did you ever hear the gruesome story about the pregnant woman who was murdered by a deranged lady who ripped out her fetus?

Hopefully this will encourage you to practice safe internet use!

Safe Internet Use Tip #6 – Follow Safety Tips For Safe Online Banking

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you’re safe on the internet. Being adult only exposes you to more risks. Your bank accounts could be attacked. Learn 10 Safety Tips for Safe Online Banking.

Safe Internet Use Tip #7 – Follow Safety Tips For Safe Online Shopping

You put your financial and personal information at risk when shopping online. For example, when shopping online, your credit card information could be stolen. Learn 10 Safety Tips for Safe Online Shopping.

Safe Internet Use Tip #8 – Learn How to Avoid Cyber Stalking

There are also threats from cyber-stalkers. Cyber stalking affects men, women, and children. Even celebrities aren’t immune from cyber stalking. Learn the stalking definition and how to stay safe.

Safe internet use matters for everyone in the digital era.

Safe internet use matters for everyone in the digital era, use these 10 Safety Tips for Safe Internet Use.

Safe Internet Use Tip #9 – Trust Your Gut

The most important rule of safe internet use is no different than in the real world: trust your gut. If a website or email seems like a scam, leave it alone. If meeting a person seems fishy, don’t meet them!

Safe Internet Use Tip #10 – Keep Your Computer Up To Date

Use up-to-date software and always download security patches. These fixes are free and shouldn’t take long. Hackers are looking to exploit vulnerabilities in older systems.
Use anti-virus software, such as Norton Internet Security 2013 [Download]. Don’t give away your personal information! Never send anyone your social security number or birthday or passport number unless you are absolutely sure they a) are using it for legitimate purposes, and b) they will safeguard it. Finally, lock down your social media accounts – don’t let everyone see your personal information on your Facebook account! Use the highest security settings available!


5 comments on “10 Internet Safety Tips For Safe Internet Use

  1. My poor mother if there is a computer virus she has had it. This is because she never updates her software, every time I went to visit I felt like I spent my entire time updating her computer. Finally I just bought her an ipad for christmas and it seems to have ended the problem. As for this list I love it and will be sending it to my mom asap.

  2. I’ve had someone steal my identity before. You should do everything you can to stay safe. I use a Mac over a PC because of Internet vulnerability. I can’t afford any problems with my computer. Consider this an investment. It may cost more… but totally worth it.

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