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10 Workplace Safety Tips to Keep You Safe By Minimizing Workplace Accidents

Master these 10 Workplace Safety Tips

Safety Tips at Work

These 10 Workplace Safety tips are designed to keep you safe while you work. This list is largely focused on safety tips for construction workers, but can help other workers as well. Following these safety suggestions at work is a must.

Workplace Safety Tip #1 – Workplace Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Workplace safety is everyone’s responsibility. Safety tips at work are something that everyone can do.

Workplace Safety Tip #2 – Learn The Definition of Workplace Safety

It is defined as protecting workers from their employers, each other, themselves, and the forces of nature. For example, requiring construction workers to wear hardhats protects them not only from falling debris (either due to a negligent employer, a careless co-worker or a stiff breeze), but also from a macho attitude of thinking that nothing could fall on them (thus protecting them from themselves).

Workplace Safety Tip #3 – Learn About Death at Work

Safety in the workplace isn’t some antiquated notion. Nearly 5,000 workplace deaths occurred in the American workplace in 2011 alone!

Moreover, some jobs and cities are more deadly than others. Learn if you are at a higher risk for death at work.

While most safety problems occur in blue collar trades, there are also significant injuries and deaths that occur in offices every year. Office safety is just as important. And for this reason, many companies have safety officers — on each floor. Often these safety officers will offer safety tips at work.

Workplace Safety Tip #4 – Understand That Workplace Safety Is a Worldwide Problem

Workplace safety issues affect workers in every nation, no just the United States. Workers are at risk in the third world. The Chinese Premier recently urged action to lower the high rate of workplace accidents, focusing on faulty reporting and illegal production sites. But workers in the rich world also need constant government protection. Canada is launching new mental health and safety standards to keep workers on the job and happy, recognizing the link between mental health and a safe working environment. Office bullying can cause or exacerbate mental health problems which ultimately endangers employees’ health and well-being.

Workplace Safety Tip #6 – Learn About Submitting Complaints to Improve Safety Regulations

Generally, OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration), part of the Department of Labor, is the federal agency responsible for workplace safety throughout the United States. For more information about what OSHA does, click here. You can also submit a complaint if you believe your office or work site has safety violations.

Workplace Safety Tip #7 – Learn About Safety Regulators

Several other federal agencies also regulate specific types of workplace safety. For example, the Mine Safety and Health Administration regulates the safety of mine workers. In some instances, states are granted authority to regulate workplace health and safety. For example, if you live in California, you may need to look to the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health for help.

Workplace Safety Tip #8 – Learn 10 Workplace Safety Tips

Because safety is everyone’s responsibility, I have put together 10 workplace safety tips to help you be safe in your office.

Workplace Safety Tip #9 – Use Free Safety Posters and Other Tools

Additionally, I have compiled this collection of free safety posters, resources, and other tools to help HR managers, safety officers, or anybody else concerned about improving overall office safety.

Workplace Safety Tip #10 – Stay Sober

You put yourself at much greater risk if you perform your job under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Stay sober and push your company to provide regular testing. This not only protects you from your own temptations, but also from intoxicated coworkers.

5 comments on “10 Workplace Safety Tips to Keep You Safe By Minimizing Workplace Accidents

  1. You shouldn’t have to tell people to stay sober while at work. With the scarcity of jobs today, people should be doing everything they can to keep their jobs. Showing up drunk is not only unsafe, it’s a dumb thing to do.

  2. I think it’s sad to see the number or work-related accidents at my job. I have a girl who sits next to me. She’s such a klutz. It’s the dumbest thing I’ve seen. So so so sad!


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