Bike Haters - Anti-Bike Safety Rant

Bike Haters: Anti-Bike Safety Rant

Bike Haters Gonna Bike Hate

Bike Haters - Anti-Bike Safety Rant

Bike Haters – Anti-Bike Safety Rant

Doug Gordon recently put up a great post summarizing the attitude of bike haters, a uniquely awful breed of anti-bike safety advocates. I mean seriously, who is against bicycle safety? Oh, let’s just have people being run over left and right. Yea. That sounds greattttt.

Unfortunately, these types of zealous anti-bike safety advocates are too common. Their typical refrain is that there’s not enough space for their cars. Yea. The entire country is built for their cars. Ever heard of a parking lot? A parking garage? Valet parking? Ever heard of a freeway? A highway? An express lane? How about a thoroughfare, parkway, or bypass.

What do these things all have in common? They were built as part of a car-centric world.

Anti-Bike Safety Actually Hurts the Bike Haters

In contrast, I come up with exactly two pieces of infrastructure that relate to bikes: bike racks and bike lanes. And there’s never one of either when you need one. Bike infrastructure is typified not only by a paucity of concept, but also by a paucity of implementation.

And of course, the anti-bike safety advocates are also evincing an ignorant misunderstanding of concept investing in bike infrastructure. Investing in more bike lanes and bike parking doesn’t make drivers worse off – it improves their quality of life! These bike haters don’t realize that as more people shift from cars to bikes, the will be less traffic and more parking spots for them.

Gordon pulls out the money quote from a great rant against bike haters that perfectly sums up my opinion:

Treating cycling like a political football has to stop. Deferring cycling investments needs to stop. People’s safety and their lives are on the line…

If these anti-bike safety advocates just stepped out of their car for a minute and hoped on a bike, I think they’d instantly see just how LITTLE infrastructure there really is for bikers.

3 comments on “Bike Haters: Anti-Bike Safety Rant

  1. I see people disregarding the safety of bikers every day and it makes me sick. These people aren’t doing anything wrong and have every right to the roadways.

  2. I think bikers are great, but when I see someone on the road taking risks and weaving between cars, I think I’m at liberty to be frustrated with them. You’re really making the road dangerous for the rest of us, too.

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