Spring Break Safety

[Silly Infographic] How to Have a Safe Spring Break

How to Have a Safe Spring Break

Spring break only happens once a year. My new How to Have a Safe Spring Break infographic gives you some tips on how to avoid having your #SpringBreaksMistakes haunt you for the rest of that year. I hope you have the time of your life.

In short, having a safe Spring Break boils down to three things:

  • Practicing Safe Sex
  • Drinking (ir)Responsibly
  • Avoiding tattoos and sunburns.

For those having trouble reading the infographic, here is what it says (but be sure to check out the funny pictures!)

Spring Break Safe Sex

Every year millions of college students go on Spring Break. If movies are to be believed, they ALL have sex (even the kid who was really nerdy at the beginning of the trip). Some of them go home safe and clean. Others end up with a very unpleasant reminder of their time in the surf and sand. I think it’s easy to guess which type you would rather be?

In order to minimize the risk of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, be sure to bring condoms. And carry them with you. This applies to guys and girls, because hey, things get crazy on Spring Break, and you never know when/where Cupid’s arrow might strike. Need more info on how to practice safe sex? Click here.

Safe Alcohol Use on Spring Break

Safe alcohol use on Spring Break really boils down to three rules. This is probably the reason most people do not have a safe spring break.
1> Learn the Open Container Laws of where you’re visiting. You don’t want to get arrested just for carrying a 802 oz. margarita around
2> Don’t accept drinks from strangers, unless you’re a fan of rouffy-coladas.
3> Don’t drink and drive. And don’t drink and swim. It’s pretty self-explanatory that bad things can happen.

Avoid these Spring Break Buzzkills

Because even the most devoted, skilled party animal can run into some serious challenges on Spring Break, take care to avoid these three Spring Break Buzzkills. First, avoid a wickedly painful sunburn by using gobs of high SPF sunscreen, and reapplying it regularly. To avoid (minimize?) your hangovers, drink plenty of water, be sure to eat heavy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, and be sure you know where the asprin is. Finally, avoid tattoos. Just. Especially tramp stamps (I’m looking at you, fellas). Follow these rules and you should have a reasonably safe Spring Break, and they’re not likely to cramp your style too much.

Funny Infographic on How to Have a Safe Spring Break

Funny Infographic on How to Have a Safe Spring Break

So relax and enjoy! Have the time of your life, just don’t let it follow you home.


7 comments on “[Silly Infographic] How to Have a Safe Spring Break

  1. I got sunburned in 2006 while in Spring Break in Florida and it ruined my trip because I spent the entire time in the hotel room with aloe vera and sunburn cream all over my body. I did do a little drinking because that was how I got through the pain of burn. Trust me people read this graphic and follow it, it will save you time and pain.

    • Paul, amigo. Spring Break is one of the #1 causes of sun burns in these United States. And a bad case of sun burn can seriously ruin your vacation. Share this and hopefully we can keep some Spring Breaks from being ruined in the future.

  2. I love the info graphic and as one who works in the hotel business, this graphic is spot on. Maybe I will print out a couple thousand and lay them on the pillows of the spring breakers when they invade South Beach next year.

  3. The sex-spring break infographic is beyond hilarious. I’m a big fan of a good sense of humor. This site is just that. Way to keep goofing.

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